EZ Cast Multi OS Supported Wireless Wi-Fi Receiver


Product Description

EZ cast wi-fi display receiver has external antenna with better signal, wi-fi 802.11ac 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, direct link and through router concurrently connection, mac OS / windows / windows phone / android, chrome OS platform support, EZCast app and 3rd party DLNA or AirPlay enabled apps support, OSX EZCast / OSX/iOS AirPlay / android / windows miracast and EZCast / WP miracast / chrome EZCast mirror capable, EZChannel autoplay, screen mirror for all platforms through app, local and cloud storage multimedia streaming, sketch tool for photo/web/documents, embedded office viewer, live camera, web video access, cloud storage access, internet radio, 1-to-multi casting, app to app cast.

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