Focal Chora 826-D Bass Reflexive 3D Loudspeaker

Focal Chora 826-D floor standing speakers come with Dolby Atmos effects for generating real 3D sound effects. It is designed with a total of 4 exclusive woofers. Its directed bezel allows you to feel the sound effects as the sounds were coming from overhead speakers.


৳ 220,000.00


Product Description

Focal’s Chora Series speakers use innovative new drivers that are designed and made in-house for gorgeous, detailed sound. The 826-D floor-standing speaker is made specifically for high-performance Dolby Atmos/DTS:X™ home theater systems. It has front-firing drivers that project sound directly toward you, plus an additional up-firing driver that bounces the sound off your ceiling for enveloping overhead sound effects. (The upward-firing driver will connect to a dedicated overhead channel on your compatible home theater receiver.)

Focal’s latest woofer design

The secret ingredient of the new Chora speakers is the Slatefiber woofer, made of recycled carbon fibers. Carbon fibers are very rigid — important for any speaker cone material. But they go beyond rigidity. These cones are lighter, more responsive, and have better damping than the Polyglass woofers of the previous Chorus speakers.

The 826-D uses several Slatefiber drivers: a 6-1/2″ midrange, two 6-1/2″ bass drivers, plus a full-range upward-firing driver that consists of a 5-1/8″ Slatefiber cone and an aluminum/magnesium dome.

Trickle-down tweeter tech

For the Chora’s high frequencies, Focal chose their TNF inverted dome tweeter. This design is known for a wide soundstage that’s not seating-position critical. One new development in this iteration is the use of a material called Poron, which suspends the tweeter from its mount. This suspension is trickled down from the Beryllium drivers in Focal’s flagship Utopia speakers. Think of it as memory foam. By maintaining its shape as the driver moves, it significantly reduces distortion for clearer sound.

Gorgeous lean-back cabinet

Time alignment is a fancy way of saying that the sound from each front-firing driver should hit your ears at the same time. That’s why the 826-D’s cabinet is angled, for sound that’s accurate and locked in. The speaker is available in three beautiful finishes that will make a statement before you even turn on your amp.


Speaker Usage Home Theater
Speaker Type TV / Sound Bar
Total Speaker Two Speaker
Total Power 40 / 250 W
Subwoofer 2 x 16.5 cm Slatefiber Woofer 1 x 16.5 cm Slatefiber Midrange 1 x 25 mm TNF Al / Mg Inverted Dome Tweeter 1 x 13 cm Full-Range Sealed Speaker Drive
Noise Ratio 91dB Sensitivity
Frequency 48Hz - 28kHz for 3 Way Bass Reflex 100Hz - 20kHz for One Way Sealed 270Hz - 2.700Hz Crossover
Other Features 105.3 x 30.3 x 38.8 cm Dimension 22.2 Kg Net Weight

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