Formovie Fengmi R1 1080P Full HD 1600 ANSI Lumens Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

  • 1: 1600ANSI Lumens
  • 2: 200-Inch Screen
  • 3: CPU: MTK MT9669
  • 4: RAM:3GB DDR4
  • 5: ROM:16GB EMMC
  • 6: High-fidelity audio

৳ 115,000.00


Product Description

Xiaomi Fengmi R1 Laser Projector 1600ANSI Lumens Full HD MEMC HDR10 110%Rec 3+16GB Home Theater Ultra Short Throw Projection TV


Remote control: Bluetooth voice remote control

Ultra Short Focal Length Projection

A 150-inch image can be projected at a distance of 1 meter, 13 times larger than a long-focus projection.Whether it’s a large living room or a small bedroom, turn your whole house scene into a giant screen theater.

ALPD Laser Display Technology

Cinema Laser Hall Homology Technology

1600 ANSI lumens. Day movies are also wonderful

Why do you need to turn off the lights and pull the curtains? In the daytime indoor environment, the movie is still wonderful.

3000:1 native contrast ratio.See more dark details

Laser light brings a 3000:1 contrast ratio comparable to the cinema, with HDR10+ decoding, more details can be seen in the dark part of the picture, and the picture is clearer.

110% gamut, see more colors

110% Rec.709 gamut for more vivid and accurate color restoration.

1080P, compatible with 4K decoding

The 1080P resolution display, certified by an authoritative third-party organization, is much higher than the nominal 1080P.

MEMC Motion Compensation

With MEMC motion compensation technology, you can watch high-speed sports pictures such as sports events and competitive games on the big screen without worrying about blurring.

FAV Picture Quality Engine to optimize projection quality

The FAV (Feng Advanced Video) picture quality optimization technology developed by Fengmi Technology has been optimized and improved in all aspects for the characteristics of projection technology, such as brightness, color gamut, sharpness, skin color restoration, HDR display, etc. It can recognize the playback content and automatically switch the appropriate image mode.

Authoritative Eye Protection Certification


With a human sensor, children get dimmed as soon as they get closer to time, avoiding strong light stimulation.

DOLBY+DTS Double Decode Authentication

2×10W high power speaker, with DOLBY+DTS double decoding authentication, good sound quality is guaranteed.More Bluetooth connection, high-end Bluetooth speakers in seconds, listen to your mobile phone personal music library.

FAA sound engine for better sound quality

The FAA Sound Engine (Feng Advanced audio) developed by Fengmi Technology includes a complete set of audio tuning schemes, such as frequency curve, sound chamber design, to make the sound quality more popular.

3G Large RAM

The projection flagship chip MTK high performance 64 bit CPU chip MT9669 is used.Maximum main frequency 19GHz, 3GDDR4 memory support, running game applications, watching 4K HD video, the whole process to ensure a smooth experience.Supports A picture quality enhancement, automatically reduces noise, and provides a clearer view

Built-in Xiao Ai hands free without remote control

A microphone array consisting of two highly sensitive sensors, combined with anti-noise recognition technology and wake-up technology, accurately identifies and locates the sound source, interacts with Xiao Ai smart voice without a remote control, and operates freely as usual.

Wireless Projection, One Click

There is no need for third-party screen projection software, and there is no need for complicated operation keys to connect mobile phones, tablets, laptops, play hand games, view photos, and display office documents with ease.

8-Point Trapezoid Correction

Wall uneven, position incorrect, angle change… Every time you encounter it, you have to be mad in 4-point correction?The 8 o’clock correction allows you to face more projections with ease.

Projector General

Brand Formovie
Model Fengmi R1
Material ABS/Metal
Display Type Screen: 50 - 300 inches
Native Resolution 1080p
Brightness 1600 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Throw Ration Ultra-low throw
Aspect Ratio 0.33:1
Operating System FengOS

Projector Product Details

Bluetooth v5.0
Power Supply 19V/7.9A
Other Features Light source technology: ALPD

Dimensions and Weight

Package Size 304x304x99mm
Package content 1x Formovie Fengmi R1, Accessories 1x User Manual

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