Jamo S 626 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Brand Jamo
Enclosure type Bass Reflex
Frequency Response 42-20,000 Hz
Power 130 – 210 Watts
Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm) 203 mm
Mid/Bass Driver 2 x 127 mm
Tweeter 25 mm
Impedance (Ω) 6 Ω
Sensitivity 89 dB

Product Description

Jamo S 626 Floorstanding Speaker Pair is an exceptional 3-way speaker featuring a side-mounted 8-inch woofer for a slim, cohesive design without an accompanying sacrifice in sound quality. The ‘mirror image’ speaker pairs give you placement flexibility for the best possible acoustic interaction with your listening room. The S 626 is available in White Ash, Dark Apple and Black Ash finishes, complemented by soft-feel black baffles giving the speaker a premium appearance. The Jamo S 626 is fully equipped for optional bi-wiring and bi-amplification and includes optional speaker spikes.

Key Features
  • 1-inch (25 mm) soft dome tweeter/dual 5-inch (127 mm) aluminized midrange drivers/ 8-inch (203 mm) side-firing woofer.
  • Bass-reflex design with flared, rear-firing port: Increases system efficiency and bass output.
  • Waveguide: Provides more uniform dispersion in the critical frequency range of 2-10 kHz. Dynamics and clarity are enhanced while distortion is significantly reduced.
  • Aluminium centre-plug: Eliminates cone breakup for faster "attack" and increased vocal clarity. Additional voice-coil cooling reduces power compression.
  • Aluminized midrange drivers: Increases cone rigidity and vocal clarity.
  • Side-firing woofer: Provides a slimmer cabinet design and bass optimization for varying room acoustics.
  • Dual,5-way binding posts: Allows bi-wiring/bi-amplification with multiple connection options with wire up to 12 gauge (AWG).

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