Mission QX-12 Sub MKII- 12″ Powered Subwoofer

Product Description

QX-12 SUBWOOFERMission brings its 40 years of audio expertise to this all-new speaker range. The QX series has a striking look and impressive performance offering amazing value for both Hi-Fi and AV setup. Advanced new designs and extensive listening tests have evolved loudspeakers that offer exciting and dramatic performance, no matter what style of music and movies you prefer. Five core Hi-Fi models two bookshelf designs and three floorstanding speakers are joined in this Mission QX Series by a dedicated centre speaker, with a 2-way, wide-distribution surround speakers and an active subwoofer.
Bass drivers feature Mission DiaDrive system

Natural midrange quality with superb bass transient impact is provided by a seam-free curvilinear cone formulated from a mixture of soft pulp and acrylic fiber specially designed for midrange clarity and lucidity.

DiaDrive twin cone design

Backing the curvilinear front cone is a stiff, conical support with increased area of contact with the voice coil for outstanding transient impact.

comb-tooth trim

The surround drive unit and fixing screws are cleverly concealed behind this unique trim design giving a highly technical look to the front face of the speaker.

QX-12SUB Specifications

Driver: 1 x (12") 300mm cone long-throw
Amplier power output: 300W
Peak power output: 450W
Input sensitivity: 200MV / 150W
Crossover range: 30-150Hz
Input Impedance: line input 10k Ohms, LFE 5k Ohms
Signal-to-noise ratio: 85dB
Avg. max output @1m: 118dB
Features: phase inversion, auto on-o
Frequency Response(+/-3dB) 30 ~ 150Hz
Dimensions(HWD) (420+58)with feet x 400 x (450+15)mm
Net Weight 23.0kg/pc

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