Mission QX-4 Floor Standing Speaker

Product Description

The Mission QX-4 has been designed to marry advanced engineering with stylish and attractive aesthetics, allowing them to seamlessly integrate within any pre-existing system and match almost every type of home décor. The front panel of these speakers both hints at the advanced technology held within and present an attractive face to the listener.

The Mission QX-4 utilises Mission’s Inverted Driver Geometry (IDG) driver format which positions the treble unit below the bass/midrange driver, equalising the length of the signal path and thus allowing the sound waves to coincide at head height for the listener. This driver design principle will improve time alignment and offer an overall better response when listening to music or watching movies.

The new ‘ring dome’ treble unit within the QX-4 speakers works to offer high levels of musical detail whilst keeping the distortion levels as low as possible, with the usual dome cavitation effects held at bay.  The ‘ring dome’ then utilises what is known as the dual ring radiator – a woven, textile material that is formed in a double ring arrangement. This combination of textile dome and multi ring surround will help to achieve the optimum stiffness across the maximum radiating area. To top this all off, the Mission QX-4 then incorporates a twin rear cavity non-reflecting design to vent back pressure from the diaphragm into a twin rear cavity, thus reducing any resonance and maintaining a wide operating bandwidth.

When it comes to aesthetics, the QX-4 speakers work hard to ensure they remain stylish whilst able to fit within any system, but the design aspects of the speakers have more than one function. Aluminium top and bottom plates enhance the quality of sound whilst providing a more modern feel; a ribbon-like design across the slot ports ensure the speakers look high-tech whilst enhancing the airflow and avoiding any chuffing from within the bass reflex ports, resulting in a low-frequency performance that achieves lower levels of distortion; and the arc shaped cabinet corners employ a semi-circular shape to the corners of the speaker in order to smooth diffraction from the drive units, thus allowing them to yield better power distribution into the listening area.

More Information
Brands Mission
Product Specifications
Transducer Compliment               Bass Reflex
Enclosure Type 2-way floor standing speaker
Bass Driver         6.5"(150mm) Long Fibre Composite Cone x 2
Treble Driver     1.5" (38mm) Textile Ring Dome
AV Sheild            No
Sensitivity (2.0V@1m) 88db
Recommended Amplifier Power 25-150W
Peak Power Handling Peak SPL 96dB
Nominal Impedence      8Ω Compatible
Minimum Impedance    3.8Ω
Freq Response (Hz)        44 - 24kHz
Bass Extension(-6dB)     32Hz
Crossover Frequency 2.2kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres) 48L
Dimensions h x w x d 460*370*1140mm
Net Weight        21.047kg/pcs

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