Sony Bluetooth Voice Search Mic Remote

Compatible with following Sony TV models:43 inchesKD Series: KD-43XE8004 and more.XBR Series: XBR-43X800D XBR-43X800E XBR-43X800G XBR-43X830C and more.49 inchesKD Series: KD-49X750F KD-49XE8004 KD-49XE9005 and more.XBR Series: XBR49X700D XBR-49X80 XBR-49X800C XBR-49X800D XBR-49X800E XBR-49X800G XBR-49X830C XBR-49X835C XBR-49X900E XBR-49X900F and more.50 inchesKDL Series: KDL-50W800C KDL-50W850C and more.55 inchesKD Series: KD-55A1 KD-55X750F KD-55XD8505 KD-55XE9005 KD-55XE9305 and more.KDL Series: KDL-55W800C KDL-55W850C and more.XBR Series: XBR-55A1E XBR-55A8F XBR-55A8G XBR-55X55DS XBR55X700D XBR-55X800E XBR-55X800G XBR-55X806E XBR-55X810C XBR-55X850C XBR-55X850D XBR-55X850S XBR-55X855D XBR-55X857D XBR-55X890C XBR-55X900C XBR-55X900E XBR-55X900F XBR-55X930D XBR-55X930E and more.60 inchesXBR Series: XBR-60X830F and more.65 inchesKD Series: KD-65A1 KD-65X750F KD-65XD8505 KD-65XE8505 KD-65XE9005 KD-65XE9305 and more.KDL Series: KDL-65W800C KDL-65W850C and more.XBR Series: XBR-65A1E XBR-65A8F XBR-65A8G XBR65X750D XBR-65X800G XBR-65X810C XBR-65X850C XBR-65X850D XBR-65X850E XBR-65X850F XBR-65X855D XBR-65X857D XBR-65X890C XBR-65X900C XBR-65X900E XBR-65X900F XBR-65X930C XBR-65X930D XBR-65X930E XBR-65X935D XBR-65X937D XBR-65Z9D XBR-65Z9F and more.75 inchesKD Series: KD-75XD8505 KD-75XE8505 KD-75XE9005 KD-77A1 and more.KDL Series: KDL-75W800C KDL-75W850C and more.XBR Series: XBR-75X800G XBR-75X850C XBR-75X850D XBR-75X850E XBR-75X850F XBR-75X855D XBR-75X857D XBR-75X900C XBR-75X900E XBR-75X900F XBR-75X910C XBR-75X930C XBR-75X930D XBR-75X940C XBR-75X940D XBR-75X940E XBR-75Z9D XBR-75Z9F and more.77 inchesXBR Series: XBR-77A1E and more.85 inchesKD Series: KD-85XD8505 and more.XBR Series: XBR-85X850D XBR-85X850F XBR-85X855D XBR-85X900F and more.


Product Description

  • Replacement for Sony Bravia Smart Remote, Sony Bluetooth Remote, Sony Voice Search Mic Remote with Netflix, Google Play.
  • Control for Sony Smart Bravia Android TVs, Sony 4K UHD Crystal HDR TV, Sony OLED Ultra HDTV, Sony XBR KDL LED LCD Series TV.
  • Sony Voice Search Mic Remote(Your original Sony TVs must have a Voice feature to use this function.)
  • Made By PRC

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