WEMAX D30 APPOTRONICS 4K 400 nits 12500 Lumens HDR10 Laser Projector

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Product Description

WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 L306ACF Real 4K UHD Laser TV Theatre Projector Ultra Short Throw 12500 ANSI Lumens 400nit HDR10 ALPD 3.0 Smart FENGMI OS Android System WIFI Bluetooth Built-in DolbyDTS Sound Home Movie Projector

Product :D30 Laser Projector Home Theater
model :L306ACF

Feature:Android system,Laser ultra short,Built-in Bluetooth,WIFI
Size of the projection:150 – 300 Inch
Standard resolution :4K( 3840×2160) ESI Certification
Technology: ALPD
Brightness :12500 Lumens

System Parameters:

CPU :Amlogic T972
MEMC IC :Novatek NT72353
Built-in storage :64GB eMMC High-speed flash memory

System functions:

operating system :FENG OS
UE Brand reflection :GUANGFENG
Android system :Android P
WiFi :802.11ac 2.4G/5G 2T2R
Bluetooth :BT4.2 Built into the WiFi module

4K L aser Home Theater D30

Giant Screen Tribute Drama Screen

Your dream of cinema at home, now for you

The giant screen pays tribute to the drama-ALPD laser display technology.Same source as 1 8000+ professional cinema
Based on the advanced AL PD@ display technology, D30 has many advantages such as stable picture presented by professional cinema laser projection technology, long service life of more than 20,000 hours, and no speckle, making it perfect for the on-demand market.
A tribute to the giant screenDCI-P3 color gamut*
Inheriting Cinema-level Color Adjustment
Based on the standard that it is consistent with the original color of the flm, the D30 colon gamut meets the DCI-P3 standard. On top of the Rec.709 color gamut standard, it can further show the beautiful light and film industry.
100% RGB Color Brightness
Enjoy the movie
Choosing e laser home theater, color brightness is the key, and the single DLP projection color brightness on the market is uneven; D30 uses ALPD⑧laser display technology, 100% RGB color brightness, and enjoy the true color of the flm.

Giant Screen Tribute to Drama One by One 4K+HDR10
More Immersive and Real D30 supports 4K+HDRIO image processing technology to further improve the picture depth and detail effect, and you can feel more immersive and realistic cinema viewing effects at home.
Giant Screen Tribute to Drama Screen One MEMC Motion Compensation
Smoother and Clearer
MEMC dynamic anti-shake technology makes simulated physical judgments and itelligent compensa-tion for the motion trajectory of dynamic pictures, so as to achieve no jtters and no tailing. Further
improve the dynamic clarity and watch the giant screen smoother.
A Tribute to the Giant Screen
The picture is more realistic and delicate
Compared with the speckles that may be presented by other laser projections, D30 achieves no speckle effect on the picture, making the picture more realistic and delicate.
Giant Screen Tribute to Drama Screen-Diffuse Reflection Imaging
Safe Watching Movies and Healthier
D30 adopts a diffuse reflection display method, no radiation, no blue light damage, and will not cause glare, eye fatigue and other symptoms due to long-term use. It can effectively protect the visual health of young people, and it is more in line with the current parents’ requirements for children’s physical and mental health.
AI Far-field Voice + Support IOT Whole House Intelligence
It’s a private home theater and an intelligent control center
In addition to remote control, D30 also supports Al far-field voice control and IOT whole-house intelligent system access, infrared + bus access, easy control of smart home systems, news, movies,variety shows, TV series, animation and other exciting content, just open your mouth Come.
Large Sound Cavity Large Unit, High Sensitivity and High Fidelity
Each D30 is equipped with 20W big sound glue, supports DTS+DOL BY AUDIO dual authentication,home theater feels better, and can be connected to Bluetooth input, which can change into high-end
Bluetooth speakers in seconds, and listen to your mobile phone personal music library.

Basic Information :
product type :Ultra short throw home projector
Product Size :600*380*140mm
Product weight :17.5kg

Product Process :Plastic for height adjustment wheel, bottom shell and light exit area,Other appearance metalCNC
colour :Grey
Optical machine model :U30UE
Optical parameters & picture quality specifications

Image mode :Standard Mode; Gorgeous Mode; Movie Mode; Game Mode; User Mode
Energy saving mode :Do not define brightness @2.0A
Protection mode :Do not define brightness @1.0A
Movie viewing mode :W x:0.282±0.02 y:0.309±0.02
Brightness uniformity :>85%
Color gamut :DCI P3
Contrast :1500:01:00
Projection parameter :
Throw ratio(TR) :0.252:1
Screen size :80″~150″

Brightness mode :Optional: highlight, viewing, night mode 1, night mode 2
Automatic: energy saving, eye protection
Switch mode :Turn on, turn off, turn off the screen
Motion compensation :Support
Keystone correction :Eight-point keystone correction
Lens focus :Electric focus
Far-field speech :4 linear microphones
Intelligent system control :Infrared, RS232, network
Sound effect :Dolby DTS
Speaker :20W X 2
remote control :Bluetooth remote control Bluetooth,new ID design remote contro

Backend interface:

RS232 x 1
Ethernet port x 1 Gigabit
S/PDIF x 1(optical fiber)
Audio Line Out x1
USB2.0 x 2
HDMI2.0 x 3 (One of them has ARC and supports long-distance transmission, and three of them have CEC),

Power connector
Front port :Infrared receiver
Indicator light :Breathing effect White light; turn on, turn off, turn off the screen

Safety eye protection :
Infrared detection :Human body detection
Temperature protection :Software control Automatic temperature control
Noise :Standard@Room temperature :<31 dB (Standard Mode/T=25℃/1m)

power supply :
Built-in power supply :AC-DC、DC-DC
Electrical Specifications
power input : 100-240V~ @50/60Hz
Standby power consumption :<0.5W
Whole machine power consumption :<500W


Brightness 12500 Lumens
Native Resolution .47 4K 3840x2160 ESI Certification
Display Technology ALPD
Screen Size 80"~150"
Projection Distance 14-50cm
3D yes


Lamp Life 25000 hours


Keystone Correction Eight-point keystone correction
Contrast 1500:01:00
Throw Ratio 0.252:1
Auto focus Electric focus
Speakers 20W X 2 Dolby 、DTS
Operating System FENG OS Android P
ROM 64GB eMMC High-speed flash memory
CPU Amlogic T972



Input/Output RS232 x 1 Ethernet port x 1 Gigabit S/PDIF x 1(optical fiber) Audio Line Out x1 USB2.0 x 2 HDMI2.0 x 3 (One of them has ARC and supports long-distance transmission, and three of them have CEC), Power connector
Bluetooth BT4.2 Built into the WiFi module
WIFI 802.11ac 2.4G/5G 2T2R


Input Voltage 100-240V~ @50/60Hz
Power Consumption <500W
Noise <31 dB (Standard Mode/T=25℃/1m)

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